Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I am beginning to think that I am addicted to deceiving titles! Sprites... so rare and so awesome!

This could actually be addendum to my Atmospheric Optics post. Sprites are special kinds of lighting that occur high above thunderstorm clouds (shelf clouds).
It is believed that sprites are formed only during really large storms - hence the rarity. Sprites often come in clusters. I would really like to see one day this amazing red thing! A friend of mine once caught it on the photo - blew my mind.

Sheer awesomeness.

Mind the blue jet.

Sprite observation.

Space Weather - Space weather archive about sprites.
Wiki - Wiki article about sprites.
Eurosprite - Blog about following sprites.


  1. First pic looks like a bunch of ghosts

  2. you have opened my eyes to a something i never even knew existed. this is amazing. good blog. i will follow. got lost on the online college degree ad. it was cool to.

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  4. I've yet to see one, it's nearly impossible, right?

  5. Nearly impossible, yes, but possible. I think it would be easy to take a photo with long exposure.