Thursday, March 17, 2011

Super Full Moon

On March the 19th we'll be able to observe the biggest and brightest moon in almost 20 years!
Moon's orbit has an oval shape which of course means that sometimes the Moon is farther and sometimes it's closer to the Earth.
On March the 19th it's gonna be the closest in 17 years - meaning it is going to be 30% brighter and 14% bigger (visually of course). This event happens only in once about 18 years so be sure you don't miss it!
It is recommended that you look it at the sunset - just above the horizon - as it will appear even bigger because of foreground objects.

Explanation of this phenomena in more detail in the video below:

NASA Science - NASA Science article
APOD - [will add astronomy picture of the day as I'm pretty sure the super moon will be published there] [edit: added the link]


  1. hm interesting, last month I thought the full moon looked surprisingly big. Got to check it out, hopefully the sky isn't cloudy ..

  2. Ahh well. Can't win em all. I'm sure we all felt it though, clouds or no clouds!

  3. Damn, I missed it :( If only I'd been following your blog a couple weeks earlier....

    oh well.

  4. My friend and I went out to Burger King that day and suddenly saw the moon. My friends was like "holy shit it's coming right for us!" ...we were playing Majoras Mask that day =D