Wednesday, March 30, 2011


After the Japanese earthquake accident world environmentalists want to shut down most of the world's nuclear reactors. I don't know if they know that shutting down nuclear plants means that we will become slaves of electricity. High demand and low supply pushes the price up. Way up.
So fission hasn't got such bright future ahead. How about fusion?

Fission is a nuclear reaction in which the nucleus of an atom splits into smaller parts. Heat/energy is released.  That's as detailed as I'd like to go. On the other hand, fusion is opposite of fission, the atomic nuclei merge together to form a single heavier nucleus. In that process large amount of energy is released.


ITER is actually what I wanna archive here. ITER or International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor is huge research and engineering project that is currently building tokomak (fusion reactor). I did not know that it was already designed and in production. It will produce 500 MW of output power for 50 MW input power in up to 1000 seconds. 10:1 ratio. (nuclear plants produce circa 500-1000 MW per year)
That is just experimental and electricity won't be actually added to electrical network.
ITER is scheduled to begin operating in 2018-19 (some say 2016). I wonder how it goes. I sure would wanna look at this archive post in 6 years!


Natural fusion reactor - The Sun.

One way of using fission.

ITER - Official ITER homepage.
ITER Wiki - Wiki article with cool timeline.

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  1. You know if we shut down Nuclear power then what? Why not shut down dams because people can hurt themselves by falling off them, solar plants because if you touch them you might burn yourself, wind turbines because the rotor could fall and kill someone, coal because it could kill the earth, etc etc.

    Perhaps putting money into Nuclear and Fusion power would be a better choice then taking it away.

  2. ITER looks like a really cool project.

  3. ah yeah, I was wondering why we aren't using fusion allready. There are two experimental plants 200km from my place.

  4. Great info, thanks for the post

  5. Hey, where did you find that 3D cutaway image? I'm familiar with this one:
    but it's missing some of the components in the middle of yours. Do you have the link? Thanks.
    -Aspiring fusion scientist

  6. its really amazing!!!
    i'm glad to be a part of it........