Friday, February 18, 2011


Ah yes, fractals.
Beautiful geometric shapes that are basically smaller copies of itself when magnified (with certain rules) - and its length is infinite. Which means endless magnification of an object! Awesome, I know.

The first fractal was rather simple - Koch Snowflake:  equilateral triangle followed by three steps. I will not go into details, there are plenty of definitons on the net - and they are quite simple so anyone can make an experiment. Koch Snowflake has an interesting feature: Its perimeter or length is infinite and its area is measurable - not infinite.

Nowadays, things got a bit more complicated...

A fractal. Awesome one.

They get even cooler.
3D Fractal

Huge gallery - Of quality fractals. A must see gallery!
Apophysis - Program for editing and rendering fractals. Open source.
3D Fractals - Fractals in 3D.


  1. Fractals are so beautiful. The make me think about the greater patterns in my own life - the idea being that we're all just fractals of larger superstructures in nature.

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  3. I like the 3d fractal. Looks real and textured like you can touch it.

  4. Fractals are always amazing, I love the second one. Following!

  5. i have a huge poster with a fractal on it in my living room. love them

  6. Dude, fractals are completely awesome. If you haven't seen this before there is a documentary about fractals, and the possibility of the universe being a fractal. It's called "Fractals: The Colors of Infinity".

  7. aw man I love fractals. awesome stuff :)

  8. Fractals are soooooo Cooooool!!! Fracking Reality!!!

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  11. Siphil, thanks for the info, will check out.

  12. Some cool wallpapers posted here.

  13. i used to do acid and make fractals in MSpaint, lol. good stuff. :)